How to Create Website Using WordPress

How to Create Website Using WordPress

How to create a website without knowing PHP? This is the basic question that is asked by a lot of beginners in this field. The fact is that PHP is one of the most used languages in this world and you need to know it in order to understand WordPress. So, how to create a website without knowing PHP? It’s quite simple if you do it step by step.

The first thing that you need to do in order to know how to create a website without PHP is to create an account with the online presence building service provider. You can search on Google for an appropriate online presence platform and then choose among them. If you find one that is perfect for your needs, you can sign up and create an account. Once you are able to create an account in the online presence site, you should remember to create a username for the domain name which is the same as the domain name.

In the online presence account manager, you will find various fields and they are user name, password, email, username and the domain name. When you log in to the system, you should create a username in the format of user name: user id instead of using colon. Now, if you have forgotten to create a username and the domain name, you can use the edit form which is available in the support area in order to enter the necessary information. WordPress will automatically create the username and the password in the next step.

If you are interested in using WordPress as your CMS, you should use the WordPress plug-in. This is the third step in order to learn how to create a website without PHP. There is also a WordPress directory at which you can submit your domain name in order to increase your web hosting service provider’s listings. By the way, there are also free video tutorials at the WordPress site which is very helpful. The instructions are very easy to follow and are not too complicated.

Once you have created your website, you should then submit it to the web hosting service provider in order to get it indexed by search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. However, you have to know that the domain name that you have submitted should include the keywords in order to increase its popularity. To do this, you can insert keywords in the title and other descriptions of the pages so that you can attract more viewers. When the keywords are properly inserted, you will see that your website will become more popular.

After you have created a website, you should improve its functionality by making some changes in the template and the contents. In this case, you can use different fonts, colors, banners and other visual elements in order to make your website appealing to the viewers. There are a lot of free resources at the WordPress site where you can find information about these things. You should also learn how to make a donation in order to keep the website operational.