WordPress Hosting Providers

WordPress Hosting Providers

WordPress is a platform created and designed by a company called The WordPress Organization. WordPress is free and open source content management system written mostly in PHP and coupled with a MySQL or MariaDB back-end database. Some popular themes have been developed and made available for WordPress. Features include a simple template system and an active plugin architecture, also known as Themes in WordPress. This architecture allows the theme developers to extend or customize the features and functionality of the platform to meet any requirement.

There are various types of themes that can be installed in WordPress. These include the most common ones such as the regular, light, and dark themes. These are accompanied by the popular plugins such as All-in-One-SEO, Genesis skins, and many others. Since WordPress works on the basis of keywords, there is no need to install additional, in-built, plug-ins.

Another interesting concept introduced with WordPress is the use of language-specific plug-ins. Plugins written for a specific language run separately in WordPress. For example, a translator plugin for Spanish will not be able to work in Japanese blog hosting server. But a translator plugin for English will be compatible with any language and webhosting service.

To use wordpress for any reason, you do not need to have any knowledge of programming languages. All you need is just to sign up with your wordpress account and create your first blog. If you want to have more than one wordpress site (which most website owners do), then you can use the Hostgator plan. You get unlimited disk space and a dedicated IP address for your wordpress free accounts.

There are a number of great applications available for developers who want to use wordpress as a platform for website development. WordPress has it all – a user-friendly interface, extensive documentation, and support for all kinds of plug-ins. WordPress allows developers to create active content, customize headers, menus, footers, and sidebars. It also offers a wide range of themes, tools, and functions such as shopping carts, login authentication, taxonomies, full guest book integration, and pinging services. Active plugins allow developers to add social networking features, forms, polls, and data conversion services.

Most hosting providers offer WordPress themes at affordable rates. There are several WordPress themes that are free to download and use. However, many providers charge for theme upgrades, theme customization, and third party plugins. Hostgator offers several monthly themes at reasonable rates and lots of advanced features such as theme skins, icons, templates, statistics, stats, and more. Moreover, HostGator supports a wide range of plugins such as Google Analytics, WidgetLite, and more. There are also some third-party plugins that can be used with WordPress and HostGator hosting plans such as WordPress Disk Cleaner, WP Super Payments, Easy WordPress Generator, and more.